Cath Eastham is co-founder of The Alchemist’s Cottage, alongside a full time role as a chef and other business ventures. Here, she talks us through her busy but productive days, as well as plans for the future. 

What’s the story behind your business. How did you get started?

My business partner, who I went to college with, has lived and worked worldwide, and developed a love of tea and herbal medicine (he is actually studying for a qualification in this). I like coffee and consider myself very much in tune with new trends, such as reducing plastics to help the environment. I also have a lot of food intolerances, and this has made me realise how hard it can be to buy things that are suitable to eat. I figured others – especially with allergies – must have similar issues. We wanted to set up a business that will aid people in their lives. We realised there was a gap in the market for what we do, and so we decided to do something together.
We decided on our name, The Alchemist’s Cottage, because an alchemist is an old-fashioned magic-maker who creates tinctures and infusions that heal.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Hectic, as I also work full time as a chef in a local pub! I open the shop up daily, check stock and do paperwork, social media and networking. I then go and do the lunch shift at the pub before coming back to the shop in the afternoon to check orders and sort issues before I close up. I then pop home and do an odd bit of housework before heading back to work at the pub for the evening shift. After finishing, I go home for tea and a good sit down!

What’s the toughest part of running your own business?

Time management. Trying to balance home life, my social life and work life. (I also have my Mrs McCake business to run as well!)

And the best part?

Fulfilling my dreams. Feeling in control of my success. Enjoyment!

What are your top three business goals for the future? 

To provide a beneficial service for everyone. To be successful in my business dealings. To grow my business.

What’s your top marketing or social media tip?

I’m not that great with social media, however I recently attended a digital marketing course hosted by Purple Creative, which was extremely insightful and really helped me get to grips with it – so I’d recommend doing the same course.

How can people find out more about what you do?

Visit my new shop and talk to us! You can also email any questions you may have to Have a look at our new website, as well as any social media posts.

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